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Roll-up Banners

Get everyone's attention at conventions,trade shows or other events with roll-up banners and X-Frame banners. These products are a simple and very practical solution to highlight important points that you want to share with your audience or your customers.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, the Roll Up banners and X-Frame banners allow you to quickly promote a product or service that you offer. With their compact size, they will be easy to store in enclosed areas such as a wardrobe, a storage room or other and they are light to carry thanks to their aluminum base.

Which model is best for you?

Choose the 'X Frame' retractable banner for fixed use that will not move around much and, ideally, in places where people go by rather closely, which makes reading your display easier.

Choose the basic roll-up banner model if you need infrequent use like a few times a year OR for a long-term installation in the same location where it won’t be opened and closer too often and where you need more visibility. This model comes in 2 sizes, wide AND extra wide.

Choose the Deluxe roll-up model for frequent use with frequent transportation from one location to another. This is by far the best quality roll-up banner we offer and for which it is worth spending a little more.


Price Example

Pricing includes fullc olor printing on one side (4/0 CMYK) of a 33x80 inches retractable roll-up banner

Regular Roll-Up Size 33x80 inches
Quantity Printing Delivery
1 193.57 $ 29.57 $
2 361.10 $ 29.57 $
3 528.64 $ 37.43 $
4 696.18 $ 45.29 $
Deluxe Roll-Up Size 33x80 inches
Quantity Printing Delivery
1 229.35 $ 29.57 $
2 432.67 $ 37.43 $
3 636.00 $ 45.29 $
4 839.32 $ 53.15 $

Popular Use for Roll-ups

  • Display inside your business
  • display during conventions and trade shows 
  • Display of promotions during sporting events
  • At a press conference
  • And more…

Technical Specifications for Roll-ups

Technical specs for Retractable banners (Roll-ups)

  • Stock : 5 oz or 10 oz Vinyl depending on the choice of banner
  • Printing : full-color on one side (4/0 CMYK)
  • Available Sizes: 

Roll-Up Banners size 33" x 80" 
Roll-up banners size  47 "x 80"
24 "x 60" retractable banner with 'X' Frame
96 "x 96" telescopic background rollup banner

  • Minimum Quantity: starting at just 1 copy
  • Standard production Delay: 2 to 4 open day of production + 1-2 days for shipping
  • Carry Bag: Included
  • Retractable “X” Frame banner stands are designed for banners with metal eyelets. They are light to carry and assemble in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to make the roll-up banner stand upright?
A: Refer to our assembly instructions with photos above for how to install your roll-up banner.

 Is a transport bag provided with the roll-up banner?
A: Yes, all our roll-up banners come with an easy to carry bag.

Q: Can I buy only a vinyl banner to insert into a retractable banner base that I currently own?
A: Yes you can, but only if that base is the same as the models we offer.

Q: What is the thickness of the vinyl used in the roll-up banners?
A: The vinyl of our roll-up banners is 10 oz or 10 mil thick.

Q: Can I use my roll-up banner outdoors?
A: Our roll-up banners are ideal for indoor use. However, they can can be used outside temporarily if the weather allows it, but know that the wind, the rain and the snow can damage them and we are not responsible for the damages caused by a bad use of the retractable banner (roll-up).

Q: How to create a beautiful visual for my retractable banners (roll-up)?
A: Here are some suggestions:
- Use a large font and large images to make your banner visible even from a distance.
- Focus on the contrast between the color of your text and that of the background to make your message easier to read.
- Pass only one message on the retractable banner, keep it simple.
- Do not put items too close to the edges; leave space at the end and on the edges..

Q: When can I expect to receive my roll-up banner order ?
A: Our roll-up banners are produced in 2 to 4 opens days and shipped in 1 additional day.

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