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Posters are the ideal display solution, the simplest yet absolutely effective. Our high-quality full-color printed posters will allow you to send your message, whether for your fundraising, organized or sporting events, shows or even your products and services.

For indoor use mostly, they are perfect for putting on doors, walls, in windows and even on light poles outside !
Spread your message everywhere with full color printed posters that you can hang prominently in shopping malls, restaurants and bars, in community halls, at the neighborhood arena or even at school; the possibilities are endless.

Choice of paper
• Standard finish (glossy paper): a shiny finish that suits all budgets and will make your pictures and images stand out well; 200m thick, this is our thickest paper before going to cardboard stock.
• Recycled paper: made in Canada from 100% recycled materials and 160m thick, it has a slightly coarser finish and less pronounced whiteness, but it is the perfect ecological choice.


Price Example

Princing includes full color printing on one side (4/0 CMYK) on 200m gloss paper

Size 12 x 18 in
Quantity Printing Delivery
50 76.80 $ 13.85 $
75 85.81 $ 13.85 $
100 94.83 $ 13.85 $
250 148.95 $ 13.85 $
Size 11 x 17 in
Quantity Printing Delivery
25 44.89 $ 13.85 $
50 53.95 $ 13.85 $
75 63.02 $ 13.85 $
100 70.57 $ 13.85 $

Popular Use for Posters

  • Outdoor advertising
  • Trade show visibility
  • Promotions of sporting events
  • Advertising in shopping malls and community centers or schools
  • And so much more...

Technical Specifications for Posters

  • Support: 100lbs glossy paper with AQ coating or 80 lbs Recycled paper (enviro 100)
  • Printing: full-color on one side (4/0 CMYK)
  • Available Sizes:
    • 12x18 "Posters
    • 11x17 "Posters
    • 18x24 "Posters
    • 19 "x 27" Posters
    • 24 "x 36" Posters
  • Minimum quantity: Starting at 25 copies
  • Standard production lead time: 4 to 5 days of production + delivery
  • Finishing options : Special packaging and packs of 100

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I expect to receive my poster order?
A: Poster orders for quantities less than 250 copies are usually produced in 2 to 3 business days plus 1 day of delivery while poster orders for quantities greater than 250 copies are usually produced in 4 to 5 days working days plus 1 day delivery.

Q: How can I make my posters stand out more than others?
A: Unless you want to pass on a green message, forget about recycled paper and opt for glossy paper that hangs up the brightness in a room. In addition, just like for banners, coro or signicades, focus on a single message and try to create a good color contrast between the text and the background images.

You can also make all the difference in the design of your poster. Feel free to contact a member of our team if you need help designing your poster.

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