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Although there are many options to choose from when it comes to postcards finishes, it's easier than you think to make up your mind. Here is a brief description of the different postcard finishes we offer as well as the characteristics of each of them.

Each of our postcard finishes is part of one of the 3 following categories
- Postcards without lamination (the best seller)
- Postcards with lamination
- Postcards that can be written on it

Postcards without lamination

This is where you will find the standard finish and the best value for money and best choice for a mass distribution.

Choice of paper

  • 14 pts C2S Stock : a glossy finish that fits all budgets and will bring out your photos and images; 14 pts thick, it’s the best choice for your budget.
  • 14 pts C2S Dull finish: 14 pts thick, smooth, matte finish with less reflections and comes with a selective UV coating option that offers a beautiful contrast;
  • 16 pts semi-gloss finish: a glossy finish that suits all looks and will bring out your photos and images; 16 pts thick, a bit more expensive but thicker than the other options.
  • 16 pts satin finish: smooth, matte finish with less reflections and comes with a selective UV coating option that offers a full contrast; 16 pts thick.
  • 16 pts high-gloss UV finish: a full-size UV coating applied to a 16 pts thick stock that offers a high-gloss look that will bring out your photos and images; a bit more expensive but thicker than the other options.

Postcards with lamination

This is where you will find a high quality finish. All postcards in this section have a lamination that adds body and rigidity to your cards, as well as protection against water and moisture.

Choice of paper

  • 16 pts C2S Stock with matte lamination: 16 pts thick postcards with a matte lamination on one side or on both 2 sides, it is the best look to make you stand out. You can also add options such as Silver Metallic Ink (PMS877) or selective ultra-gloss UV coating over the lamination to create a stunning contrast and incredible look.
  • 16 pts C2S Stock with gloss lamination: 16 pts thick postcards with a gloss lamination on on one side or on both 2 sides.

Uncoater Writable Postcards

Here you will find the perfect option for your appointment cards, for coupons to fill, for contests, or to collect information. They are all made of a nice thick stock which allows you to write on them on at least one of the two sides with a pencil at the mine, a pen or stamp with a stamp on the map.

Choice of paper

  • 1 sided coated Stock : one glossy finish on one side and one uncoated finish on the other side, this is the most common card for rendezvous or loyalty cards with a choice of 14 pts thick or 18 pts thick and an option such as high-gloss UV coating on the glossy side.
  • Recycled 13pts Stock : Made in Canada from 100% recycled materials and 13 pts thick, it has a more coarse finish and a less pronounced whiteness, but it's the perfect ecological choice.


Price Example

Pricing includes full color printing on both sides (4/4 CMYK) on 14 pts C2S Stock + Gloss AQ

Size 4x6 inches
Quantity Printing Delivery
100 - -
250 69.38 $ 13.85 $
500 79.36 $ 13.85 $
750 83.39 $ 13.85 $
1000 92.47 $ 29.57 $
2500 195.83 $ 45.29 $
5000 302.10 $ 68.87 $
10000 572.92 $ 108.17 $
Size 3.5x8.5 inches
Quantity Printing Delivery
100 - -
250 94.27 $ 13.85 $
500 106.70 $ 13.85 $
750 111.28 $ 13.85 $
1000 116.64 $ 29.57 $
2500 236.11 $ 45.29 $
5000 371.52 $ 61.01 $
10000 665.47 $ 100.31 $

Popular Use for Postcards

  • For mass mailing distributions
  • For targeted advertising
  • Appointment reminder cards
  • Postcards with assembly instruction
  • Postcards and flyers
  • And more...

Technical Specifications for Postcards

  • Support : 14 pts C2S / 16 pts C2S / 13 PTS Recycled Stock / 14 PTS C1S/ 18 PTS C1S / Kraft Brown recycled 18 PTS / 14 pts uncoated stock
  • Finishes : Gloss AG, Matte AQ, Matte lamination, gloss lamination, Scrub free matte lamination, uncoated finish
  • Printing : Full Color on one side (4/0 CMYK) or Full Color on both sides (4/4 CMYK)
  • Availables Sizes : Unlimited sizes available between 2x2 inches to 22x28 in
  • Quantité minimum : Starting at just 25 copies
  • Standard production turnaround : 5 to 7 days of production + 1-2 days for shipping
  • Finishing Options  : Selective UV coating on one side only OR on both sides, Full UV coating, Hot-Stamping and Foil Stamping on one side or on both sides, scoring, perforation, manual folding

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I do a mass mailing distribution with my postcards, should I do something special with my ordero or mention it to  you?
A: Yes. Make sure to take the packs of 100 option that is mandatory for distributions and let us know that your postcards will be distributed so we can pack the boxes according to the distributor's specifications. As additional fees may apply, please contact a member of our team at to obtain the price before placing your order.

Q: When can I expect to receive my postcard order?
A: Postcard orders for the most popular finishes like 14 pts C2S Stock and 16 Pts with matte lamination postcards are ready in 4 to 5 business days plus 1-2 days for shipping; less popular postcard finishes may take up to 5 to 7 business days.

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