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Greeting Cards

Greeting cards ov various open size printed full color on both sides (4/4 CMYK) on a cardboard of your choice with a scoring line and available blank envelops.

(Please take notice that some products of quantities of less than 500 copies may be printed digital versus the quantites above 500 copies are usually printed on traditional offset press)

Highlight all the important moments!

Obviously, we are used to sending greeting cards to wish happy holidays to the important people in our lives. But greeting cards are a powerful tool to show people that we care about them for many other reasons throughout the year.

 For example, greeting cards are perfect for:

  • Wishing a speedy recovery to a sick or injured loved one
  • Send wedding invitations
  • Send a unique love message for Valentine's Day or your wedding anniversary
  • Tell your child that you are so proud of him at his graduation
  • Thank a loyal employee when they retire

Here is a brief description of the different greeting card finishes we offer and the characteristics of each of them.

Each of our greeting card finishes is part of one of 3 great families:

  • Standard Finish Greeting Cards (The Best Value for Money)
  • Luxury finished greeting cards
  • Uncoated greeting cards (writtable greeting cards)

Greeting cards with standard finish

This is where you will find the best value for money, ideal for mass distribution with limited budget.

  • 14 pts C2S stock: a glossy finish that fits all budgets and will bring out your photos and images; 14 pts thick,  its the best choice for your budget.
  • 14 pts Dull Matte finish stock: a matte finish that offers a smooth finish with fewer reflections and comes with a selective UV coating option that offers a full contrast; thickness of 14 pts.

Deluxe Finish Greeting Cards

This is where you will find a high-quality finish. All cards in this section will really stand out of the ordinary for the people who will receive them.

  • 14 pts C2S with high-gloss UV coating : a full-size UV coating that offers an ultra-glossy look that will bring out your photos and images; 14 pts thick, a bit more expensive but thicker than the other options.
  • 18-kraft Kraft stock (uncoated): Postcards 18 pts thick on recycled brown kraft stock; it's the thickest stock available of all the greeting card choices we offer.
  • 14 pts stock with metallic pearl finish: a 14 pts pearl-white stock with a metallic finish that gives a unique and unmatched look.

Uncoated  Greeting cards (writable greeting cards)

Although you will be able to write on other types of greeting cards that we offer using a pen or permanent marker,  here you will find the perfect greeting cards to write personalized messages with any style pencil or ink pen or marker. They are all made of uncoated stock on the inside, which allows you to write with a pencil, a pen or stamping with a stamp.

  • 14 C1S stock with glossy AQ on 1 side : a glossy finish for the outside of the greeting card and uncoated finish that makes it easy to write for the inside of the greeting card; it's the classic greeting card, the most common with a thickness of 14 pts.
  • 14 pts C1S stock with ultra-gloss UV coating on 1 side: an ultra-shiny exterior finish that will bring your photos and an uncoated  finish that makes it easy to write for inside the greeting card; it's the classic greeting card with a little more luxury, all with a thickness of 14 pts.


Price Example

Price includes full color printing on both sides (4/4 CMYK) on an open size 7x10 in greeting cards (5x7 final size once folded) plus scoring on the cards

14 pts C1S + Gloss AQ on one side
Quantity Printing Delivery
25 - -
50 - -
75 - -
100 122.97 $ 13.55 $
250 179.42 $ 13.55 $
500 323.33 $ 21.40 $
750 434.57 $ 29.25 $
1000 449.35 $ 29.25 $
2500 719.62 $ 44.95 $
14 pts C2S + Gloss AQ
Quantity Printing Delivery
25 - -
50 - -
75 - -
100 106.61 $ 13.55 $
250 188.04 $ 13.55 $
500 276.55 $ 21.40 $
750 394.65 $ 29.25 $
1000 477.84 $ 29.25 $
2500 666.76 $ 44.95 $

Popular Use for Greeting Cards

  • To wish a speedy recovery to a sick or injured loved one
  • Send wedding invitations
  • Send a unique love message for Valentine's Day
  • Celebrate a wedding anniversary
  • Tell your child that you are so proud of them when they graduate
  • Thank a loyal employee upon retirement

Technical Specifications for Greeting Cards

  • Support : 14 pts C2S - 14 pts C1S - 14 pts Pearl Metallic - 18 pts uncoated Brown Kraft 
  • Printing : Full Color on one side (4/0 CMYK) and full color on both sides (4/4 CMYK)
  • Available finishes : Gloss AG, Matte AQ, Full UV Coating
    • 10 x 7 in Greeting Cards
    • 8.5 x 5.5 in Greeting Cards
    • 8.5 x 11 in Greeting Cards
  • Minimum Quantity : Starting at just 100 copies
  • Standard production turnaround : 5 to 7 open days of production + 1-2 days shipping
  • Finishing options : Packs of 100's and certain folding options

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I order a luxury greeting card with full-size UV coating on both sides, can I easily write on the inside?
A: Yes. However the only way to write on a stock with UV coating is to use a permanent marker (sharpie). All other types of pencils or pens will not allow you to write on a greeting card with a UV finish.

If I want to place a custom greeting card order that is not available on your website, is it possible?
A: Yes, for some finishes it's a possibility. Simply contact a member of our team at to obtain an estimate for your special request. On the other hand, note that the greeting card sizes offered on the website are by far the best value for money.

If I place a greeting card order, will I automatically receive the envelopes that go with my greeting card order?
A: No. Once you have added your choice of greeting cards to your shopping cart, you will have the option of adding envelopes that go with the size of your greeting cards in the finishing options section. An additional charge will be added to your order if you take the envelopes.

If I order envelopes with my greeting card order, can I have something printed on envelopes?
A: Yes. However, do not place your order with the greeting card product on the site and the envelope in the finishing option sectio if you require the envelops to be printed on. Envelopes that you can add to your order via the envelope finishing option are always delivered without printing. If you need to have something printed on your envelopes, please contact a member of our team at to obtain an estimate for your special request for printed envelopes for your greeting cards.

When can I expect to receive my greeting card order?
A: The greeting card orders for the standard finish options are ready in 4 to 5 opens days plus 1-2 days for shipping and the luxury finish or uncoated greeting cards are ready in 5 to 7 opens days plus 1 to 2 days for shipping.


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