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Folded Brochures

Brochures and Flyers are the ideal way to explain to your current and future customers the products and services you offer or the history of your business. With all the available sizes and paper options we offer you, you can choose the look and style that will meet your needs to produce the perfect brochure to distribute to your customers. We deliver them in 5 to 7 business days and the brochures arrives already folded and ready to distribute.

Great tips for Great Brochures

Our standard finish is perfect for creating a brochure that meets all of your needs AND your budget. If you want to have an extra impact, opt for our Deluxe finish Brochures with UV coating on both sides (4/4 CMYK).

If the flyer you are giving requires to be filled with information (coupon section for example) then opt for an uncoated paper or a recycled paper on which one can easily write. Finally, if you want a different look without breaking the bank, opt for the matte finish.
If you need help creating your design, just ask a member of our team. We will make sure to get your message across with a simple, clear text and by using the right font and high-resolution pictures and/or images. We will make an intelligent use of the available space in order to keep the essence of your message.

Choice of paper

  • Standard Finish (100lbs gloss): a glossy finish that fits all budgets and will bring out your photos and images; 100lbs thick, it's our thickest paper before going to cardboard
  • Deluxe Finish: Same as the 100lbs gloss paper but a high-gloss UV coating is added to make it stand out from other brochures
  • Matte or Dull finish: Same thickness as standard finish (100lbs) but less reflections due to a satin finish from the matte AQ that gives a smoother look with more conspicuous contrasts.
  • Uncoated paper: Ideal if you need to write on flyers, such as filling out a form; 70 lbs thick, it is a thinner and more fragile paper, but an excellent option for clarity of reading and ease of writing on your flyers.
  • Recycled paper: Made in Canada from 100% recycled materials and 80lbs thick paper, it has a slightly rougher finish and less whiteness, but it's the perfect ecological choice


Price Example

Pricing includes full color printing on both sides (4/4 CMYK) on 200m glossy paper and roll fold OR accordeon folding included

Size 8.5x11 inches
Quantity Printing Delivery
250 148.33 $ 13.85 $
500 197.83 $ 13.85 $
1000 213.62 $ 21.71 $
2500 327.31 $ 45.29 $
5000 410.75 $ 68.87 $
Size 11x17 inches
Quantity Printing Delivery
250 235.00 $ 13.85 $
500 400.10 $ 21.71 $
750 465.44 $ 21.71 $
1000 539.49 $ 37.43 $
2500 741.54 $ 68.87 $

Popular Use for Folded Brochures

  • To handout at fairs and trade shows
  • To explain the assembly of a product
  • To submit your price list
  • And more…

Technical Specifications for Folded Brochures

  • Stock: glossy 100 lbs paper with aqueous coating or UV coating, satin finish, uncoated paper and recycled paper 50
  • Printing: full color on both sides (4/4 CMYK) with lost margins
  • Available sizes: 8.5x11 "Brochures.
    • 11x17 inches Brochures
    • 25.5x11 inches Brochures
    • 8.5x14 inches Brochures
    • 9x12 inches Brochures
    • 17x22  inches Brochures.
  • Minimum quantity: Starting at 100 copies
  • Standard production Delay: 5 to 7 open days of production + Shipping
  • Finishing options: Several different folding options and packs of 100

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if my flyer design will be folded as I wish?
A: Refer to our brochure template in the product page on our website to see where the fold marks will end up; Also, when designing, avoid making a drastic change of color background on the fold line. When cutting flyers, a slight variation takes place and therefore the fold can vary by a tiny margin (less than 1mm) but it can still be visible to the naked eye if you have a high color contrast in the bottom of your flyer exactly where the fold mark is located. 

If you are unsure, contact a member of our team and request a free quote for the design of your flyer or brochures. Our team has experience with this kind of creation.

Q: When can I expect to receive my flyer or brochure order?
A: Paper flyers and Brochure orders are usually produced in 5 to 7 opens days which includes the time for the folder folding step and are shipped in 1 additional day. On the other hand, if you add the package option of 100 (often required for mailings) this can add to the delay.

: How can I make my brochure stand out more than other brochures from my competitors ?
A: There are several options available to you. First, there is the folding; most people opt for Roll fold or ‘Z’ fold. But we offer several other types of folding such as the Gate Fold, which is very rarely used and yet gives a unique effect to a brochure.

You can also make all the difference in the design of your brochure.
- Choose the right fonts and avoid the big blocks of dark colors in the background.
- Opt instead for a white or pale background with high quality images AND a few contrast colors in your text especially in 
   terms of key phrases or slogans of your company.
- Avoid putting too much text in the flyer; Keep it in focus and get your message across in a simple way using lists that 
   specifically describe your products and / or services, rather than long detailed paragraphs.

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