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Whether to send invitations, invoices or checks, our custom printed envelopes of various sizes with various printing options will make sure your mail gets noticed.

Add a touch of professionalism to your mailings for both your customers and your suppliers!
When sending out news releases, quotes and invoices to your customers or even when sending payments to your suppliers, make sure you get noticed by printing customized envelopes with your company’s branding image printed on it.

In addition, you can save time with your return address already printed on the envelopes.

And when sending invitations for an event, increase your response rate with the reply envelopes sent with your invitation, within your original mailing envelope.

Whatever your need, we have envelopes that meet all your requirements


Price Example

Pricing is for # 10 no Window envelops on 24 lbs white vellum uncoated Paper

Printed Full Color (4/0 CMYK)
Quantity Printing Delivery
100 110.17 $ 13.85 $
250 147.19 $ 13.85 $
500 210.92 $ 13.85 $
1000 352.98 $ 21.71 $
Printed 1/0 PMS
Quantity Printing Delivery
500 165.27 $ 13.85 $
1000 195.21 $ 21.71 $
2500 314.98 $ 29.57 $
5000 562.85 $ 37.43 $
Printed 2/0 PMS
Quantity Printing Delivery
500 235.14 $ 13.85 $
1000 265.07 $ 21.71 $
2500 384.84 $ 29.57 $
5000 627.23 $ 37.43 $

Popular Use for Envelops

  • Ideal for mailing your invoices 
  • To issue checks or pay stubs to employees
  • To send your payments to your suppliers in style
  • Facilitates the sending of professional correspondence
  • And more…

Popular Use For Envelops

  • Stock: 24lbs vellum white uncoated stock
  • Printing: 1 or 2 PMS Color with or without bleed and full-color on one side (4/0 CMYK) with option to print on the flap
  • Available Size:
    • # 9 envelope
    • # 10 envelope
    • 9x12 inches envelope
    • 10x13 inches envelope
  • Minimum quantity: Starting at 100 copies
  • Standard production Delay: 5 to 7 days of production + 1-2 days for shipping
  • Finishing options: With or without windows, with self-adhesive flaps, Gray interior (security non seethru envelopes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an envelope with gray security inside?
A: An envelope with a grey security inside is an envelope with a blue or gray ink printed on the inside that prevents anyone from reading a document thru the envelope because it is impossible to see through the envelope.

Q: What is an envelope with self-adhesive flap?
A: This is an envelope whose flap does not need to be licked when you want to seal the envelope. One simply needs to remove a protective transfer paper already affixed to the flap and by removing it, one exposes a section of adhesive tape already on the flap of the envelope which one simply has to fold to seal the envelope.

Q: How do I know if my envelope is printed with PMS ink or 4-color process ink (CMYK)?
A: Refer to your graphic designer who designed your envelope to know which type of ink should be used for printing. If you are unsure, contact a member of our team and we will help you identify the correct printing process for your envelopes.

Q: When can I expect to receive my envelopes order?
A: Our CMYK ink envelopes are produced in 4 to 5 open days and shipped in 1 additional day and our PMS ink envelopes are produced in 5 to 7 open days and shipped in 1 additional day.

Q: What other printed products usually go well with envelopes?
A: Envelopes are a product that usually comes with letterheads, of course, but other stationery products such as notepads, personalized checks, and stamps can be very useful with envelopes. not to mention good on greeting cards or invitation cards and reply cards.

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