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Rigid Signs

Get a professional look with our rigid waterproof signs! With choice of Coroplast, PVC, Foam Board, our rigid posters can be used to promote political candidates, advertise real estate events and much more.

They greatly facilitate visibility and are offered with optional 'H' structures (H-Stand). Please note that the corrugated groove structure of our Coroplast panels produces a very subtle linear effect (light lines) on the surface of the product.


Easy to transport and install whereever you go !

Rigid signs are perfect for any situation: they are ligth and easy to carry, durable and strong. They are also very easy to install with several options: either on an 'H' shaped stand (h-stand) or with eyelets to fix them either with rope, screws or even with tie-wraps.

Plus, they come with 4 completely different stock options! Use them to display your in-store promotions, to stand out at event fairs or conventions and trade shows, to sell or rent an item, for your election campaigns, etc.

Do you want to make sure you stand out ?  Then trust us with the design of your rigid sign. We will make sure to maximize the readability of your text by limiting it to the essentials, while using images and your logo in the best possible resolution to give a high quality finish. Combined with the perfect size, your rigid sign will stand out from the competition.

How to choose the right finish for your rigid sign ?

For a slightly glossier finish and ideal for outdoor use, choose 4mm thick white Coroplast® panels that are weather resistant. Coroplast® panels represent the best value for your money and are the least expensive of the four finishes available.

In addition, you can add options such as H-Stand to plant your poster in the lawn or metal eyelets to facilitate installation on a pole or other vertical structure.
The structure of the corrugated groove of our Coroplast® panels produces a very subtle linear effect (pale lines) on the surface of the product.

Foamcore Panels
The foamcore panels are not made for outdoor use, but are 5mm thicker than Coroplast® panels. These panels are extremely light, durable and offer a slightly more matte finish. It’s a great choice for presentations at the office to show graphics or at the entrance to a conference room for your event name or caompany name at a trade show.

3mm White Sintra PVC 
LThe ultimate choice in terms of rigidity and durability, Sintra panels are made both for indoors and outdoor use; they are a little more expensive than Coroplast® panels.

On the other hand, if you need a sign that is likely to be touched or handled frequently, this is definitely your best choice. For example, for an outdoor restaurant menu or a sign hanging in a department store, this is what you need.

Mounted Canvas
The mounted canvas come with an outline frame and are available in different sizes; it's the perfect option for your family photos or to decorate the office. You can choose to put your image horizontally or vertically and add as many colors as you want.

Although the mounted canvases are only designed for indoor use, they can make you feel like you are outside if you add pictures of the sea or an exotic place, for example. This will bring life to your workspace and at home.


Price Example

Pricing includes full color printing on one side only for size 18x24 in

Quantity Printing Delivery
1 21.72 $ 13.85 $
2 30.79 $ 21.71 $
3 40.45 $ 21.71 $
4 50.07 $ 21.71 $
Quantity Printing Delivery
1 32.91 $ 13.85 $
2 42.36 $ 13.85 $
3 51.82 $ 13.85 $
4 61.28 $ 13.85 $
White Sintra PVC
Quantity Printing Delivery
1 45.37 $ 21.71 $
2 56.64 $ 21.71 $
3 85.55 $ 21.71 $
4 96.81 $ 21.71 $

Popular Use for Rigid Signs

  • Outdoor advertising
  • Trade show visibility
  • Promotions of sporting events
  • Advertising in shopping malls and community centers or schools
  • And so much more...

Technical Specifications for Rigid Signs

  • Support: 4mm Coroplast®, 5mm Foamcore, 3mm white Sintra (PVC) and mounted canvas
  • Printing: Full color one one side (4/0 CMYK) for all 4 support options and full color printinf (4/4 CMYK) for all finishes except mounted canvas.
  • Available sizes: Many size options from 6 to 96 in.
  • Minimum quantity: 1 copy
  • Standard production time: 2 to 4 production days + 1-2 days for shipping
  • Available finishing options: Eyelets, grommets, and H-stand

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if my Coroplast® should be printed with a vertical or horizontal flute?
A: If your Coroplast® sign requires the installation on an H-Stand, you will need to choose the vertical flute option. Otherwise, the direction of the flute is not important.

Q: Can I install my Coroplast® or Sintra sign outside?
A: Yes. All of our Coroplast® and Sintra signs are waterproof so they can be put outside. However, they can be damaged by strong winds as well as by the weight of snow or ice. If they are not buried under the snow, the Coroplast® and Sintra signs can be outside without any problems.

Q: Can I install my Foamcore or canvas rigid sign outside?
A: No. It is not recommended to install foamcore canvas rigid signs outside since they are not designed to resist water or other bad weather.

Q: Can I use photos taken with my smartphone to put on canvas?
A: Yes, absolutely. On the other hand, make sure that the photo has been taken in high resolution and do not enlarge it too much to avoid the image becoming blurred if you have opted for a very large canvas format. If you absolutely want to print a very large canvas format, it would be better for you to make a mosaic with several of your photos.

Q: When can I expect to receive my rigid sign order?
A: All rigid sign orders are usually ready within 2 to 4 business days and delivered in 1 additional day.

Q: What other products are good additions to rigid signs?
A: Vinyl banners, retractable banners and rollups, beach flags and telescopic banners are often products that go well with a rigid sign to add as a display in events or conventions as well as outside your business when displaying of your promotions.

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