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Numbered Tickets and Sratch off Tickets


For all your events or fund raiser, an entry ticket and/or scratch card is mandatory. We offer you all the solutions here from the simple full color pruinted ticket to the more complex ticket with detachable sections and single or multiple numbering on them as well as a fix inscrption sccratch cards or a more complex variable data one.

Options for all types of contest and all budgets

Amaze all your guests at your events with a high quality full color printed numbered ticket that you will hand in at ticket sales prior to the event.
Printed in full color on a high quality 14pts C2S stock, numbered tickets are perfect for managing small events in restaurants, bars, schools or community halls for benefit concerts or spaghetti dinner fundraisers, or casino type events and other parties.

You want to raise funds, either during your party OR in an annual competition? 
Then opt for our scratch off tickets with a scratchable silver latex section that you can sell as lottery type tickets to reach your fundraising goals.
You can also have scratch off tickets printed to give discounts at your store during a special sale or promotion, for example: scratch your discount % this weekend at checkout with our promotional scratch off ticket mailed the week before.

Choose our 14pts C2S cardboard option for a budget friendly option and opt for our White PVC option to add punch and a bit of luxury to your fundraising campaign for more prestigious customers and higher ticket costs.

In addition, PVC cards are much more expensive and complicated to copy for fraudsters so they give you an increased degree of security for your scratch off tickets needs.

The option in White PVC allows you to add variable data printing needs on your scratch off tickets, which allows you to put several different texts under the scratchable latex section.
You can choose for the single date option, meaning all scratch off tickets will have the same writing under the scratchable section, for example, YOU WIN 10% DISCOUNT.

If you opt for the variable data, you could for example print 500 scratch off tickets with the following information under the scratchable latex section :

- 1 copy: BIG WINNER 500 $
- 4 copies: Winner 100$ rebate
- 95 copies: Winner 50$ discount
- 150 copies: Winner 20$ off
- 250 copies: Better luck next time.



Price Example

Pricing is for full color priting on both sides (4/4 CMYK) on 14 pts C2S Stock

Numbered Tickets size 2x5.5 in
Quantity Printing Delivery
50 82.18 $ 13.85 $
100 93.25 $ 13.85 $
250 126.47 $ 13.85 $
500 140.61 $ 13.85 $
Numbered Tickets Size 3x8 in
Quantity Printing Delivery

Popular Use for Numbered Tickets and Sratch off Tickets

  • Ideal for standing out during an event or fundraiser
  • Ideal for contest or raffle
  • Perfect for adding a special twist during your events or parties
  • The best solution for all your fundraising needs
  • And more…

Technical Specifications for Numbered Tickets and Sratch off Tickets

Technical Specs for Tickets

  • Stock: 14 pts C2S Stock
  • Printing: full color on one side (4/0 CMYK) or Full color on both sides (4/4 CMYK)
  • Available Sizes: 
    • Tickets 2 x 5.5 inches.
    • Tickets 3.5 x 8.5 inches.
  • Minimum quantity: starting at just 50 copies
  • Finishing Options: Single or multiple numbering and perforation
  • Standard production turnaround: 5 to 7 open days of production + 1-2 days for shipping

Technical Specs for Scratch off Tickets

  • Stock: 14 pts C2S Stock OR 30 mil white PVC
  • Printing: full color on one side (4/0 CMYK) or Full color on both side (4/4 CMYK)
  • Available Sizes: 
    • 2.125 x 3.375 in
    • 4 "x 6" in 
    • 5 x 8 in
    • 3 "x 8" in
  • Minimum quantity: starting at just 50 copies
  • Finishing Options: Single or multiple numbering, perforation on 14 pts C2S option, variable data on PVC option AND 14 pts C2s Option
  • Standard production delay: 10 to 15 open days of production + 2-3 open days for shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to have a color other than silver for the scratchable latex section ?
A: For scratch off tickets on the 14pts C2S stock, it is possible to change the color if your quantity is above 1000 copies, but know that the price will be much higher than the silver color option available on the website. If you still want a quote, contact a member of our team at  to get the price before placing your order. For PVC scratch off tickets, the only option is silver latex.

Q: How do I send you my info for my scratch off tickets with variable data ?
A: You must send an email to  in an EXCEL file that contains only 2 columns, which are the words you want to write under the scratchable section in one column AND the amount of scratch off tickets you want printed with those word in the other column. 
You make one line for every word or small phrase you want. When you send your email, make sure you place your order on the website first AND mention the order confirmation number in the subject of your email.

Q: Can I have a numeric-alpha sequence on my scratch off tickets with variable data and how do I provide it to you?
A: Yes, you can have a numerical alpha sequence on your scratch off tickets and you have 2 options to get it. You can provide us with an EXCEL file with your desired data OR we can create a sequence that meets your criteria for letters and numbers AND we can then provide you with a detailed EXCEL of what we printed on your tickets. Additional fees may apply for the 2nd option.

Q: When can I expect to receive my scratch off tickets order ?
A: The scratch off ticket orders are ready in 10 to 15 open days plus 1-2 days for shipping

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