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Our multicolored magnets serve as both magnets and dynamic messaging tools. Whether to stay at view on the fridge of your potential customers or to display your colors on your road vehicle, magnets are an excellent long-term marketing tool

Display everywhere and easily with personalized magnets!

We offer you the possibility of converting refrigerators and cars into billboards for your business thanks to our fridge magnets and our car magnets.

The magnets for vehicles are printed on rigid material and perfectly adapted for the shape of a car door. These bright magnets can also be used as temporary signage for construction sites or other changing work environments and are made for sustainable outdoor use.

Transform the hours spent in traffic into advertising thanks to our magnetic signs for vehicles.

Or, opt for our full-color fridge magnets (or other metal surface) serving as both magnets and dynamic messaging tools. They are printed full-color on one side (4/0 CMYK) on a 17 pts magnetic stock with UV coating. Magnets are the perfect way to ensure that your carefully crafted message is not thrown in the trash and remains in your customers' homes for a long time.

Ideal to give as a gift by making a magnetic calendar, for example, your customers will affix them on the fridge and have your contact information visible on the magnet every time they come in their ktichen.


Price Example

Pricing includes full color printing on one side (4/0 CMYK) on a magnet

Fridge Magnet - size 2x3.5 in
Quantity Printing Delivery
50 - -
75 - -
100 - -
250 75.88 $ 13.85 $
Car Magnet - Size 9x12 in
Quantity Printing Delivery
1 33.47 $ 13.85 $
2 36.04 $ 13.85 $
3 47.08 $ 13.85 $
4 49.65 $ 13.85 $

Popular Use for Magnets

  • Ideal to make gifts for employees and customers
  • Perfect to attrack new clients
  • Great way to send a marketing message such as sales and promotions
  • Get people's attention to your companyname and logo
  • And much more…

Technical Specifications for Magnets

  • Stock: 200m glossy paper laminated on Magnetic gray 17 mil or 30 mil thick
  • Printing: full-color on one side (4/0 CMYK)
  • Available size: Several sizes of magnets available on our web ite and custom sizes upon request also
  • Minimum quantity: Starting at just 1 copy
  • Standard production delay:  5 to 7 open days of production + Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to put my magnet on any metal surface?
A: Yes. But some surfaces can sometimes give better results than others and magnets will not adhere in the same way from one metal surface to another.

Q: Can I leave my car magnet on the car all the time?
A: Although vehicle magnets are very durable and resistant, bad weather and especially snow and freezing rain in the winter can shorten the lifespan or damage your magnets. We advise you to store them inside your vehicle when you plan to park for a period of more than one hour and put them back in place when you return to the vehicle before hitting the road.

Q: I cannot find the size I'm looking for among your choice of magnets on the web site, is it possible to have a custom size for my magnet order ?
A: Yes. Simply send us a quote request to and tell us the desired size for your magnets. On the other hand, be aware that the sizes on the website are by far the best value for your money and it will be preferable for both your budget and the production time to adapt your needs to one of the sizes available on the site.

Q: When can I expect to receive my magnet order?
A: Our magnets are produced in 5 to 7 open days and shipped in 1-2 additional days.

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