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Floor Graphics

Transform high-traffic floor areas into attention-grabbing ad spaces with 4mil Floor Graphics. Our removable Floor Graphics are ideal for interior applications on most dry, clean and untextured floors.

Display all that is important

Make sure to attract the attention of all passers-by with our full color printed removable vinyl floor stickers, which are able to adhere to most floor surfaces like hardwood, laminated floor, ceramic and even carpet .
Made for indoor use only, our vinyl floor stickers are 4mm thick with a protective gloss lamination of 6mm which gives a total of 10mm thickness to the final product. In addition, the protection used is a non-slip lamination which can resist to the chemicals used in cleaning products to clean floors.

In addition, our vinyl floor stickers come with a removable acrylic adhesive that allows you to remove and change the stickers place on a few occasions, over a period of about 6 months.
Whether it’s to display your current sales, discounts, promotions, opening hours or simply to indicate the directions to get to your store or a given place inside a shopping center, attract the attention of people passing by with our floor graphics products.

You simply have to peel off the transfer tape affixed to the back of the sticker you will receive and apply it on the floor of your choice. Make sure you clean the floor area prior to applying the vinyl sticker and that the floor has had time to dry before as well.



Price Example

Pricing includes full color printing on one side (4/0 CMYK) on 4mm non permanent adhesive vinyl with 6mm anti-slip gloss lamination

24 inch circle
Quantity Printing Delivery
1 40.37 $ 13.85 $
2 65.46 $ 13.85 $
3 90.56 $ 13.85 $
4 115.65 $ 13.85 $
Rectangular shaped - size 24x36 in
Quantity Printing Delivery
1 45.28 $ 13.85 $
2 82.92 $ 13.85 $
3 120.56 $ 13.85 $
4 158.20 $ 13.85 $

Popular Use for Floor Graphics

Near the main entrance of your store
Outside of your store if you're in a shopping center
On the floor near your booth during a conference or trade show
On the floor of a neighboring business with which you are promoting jointly
And much more...

Technical Specifications for Floor Graphics

  • Support : 4mm vinyl with 6mm anti-slip gloss lamination
  • Printing : Full color on one side (4/0 CMYK)
  • Available Sizes : 4 circle shaped sizes and 1 rectangular shaped size available.
  • Minimum Quantity : Starting at just 1 copie
  • Standard production turnaround: 4-5 open days for production + 1-2 days for shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to place the floor graphic sticker somewhere other than on the floor?
A: Yes. But there are self-adhesive vinyls that we offer that are less expensive than these to affix elsewhere since vinyl graphics for floors have a non-slip lamination which adds to their costs.

Q: Can I repeatedly change the vinyl floor sticker’s position or place ?
A: Although the floor stickers are made with a non-permanent adhesive and therefore easily removable, we do not recommend moving them too often, because as soon as the adhesive surface is in contact with air and therefore dust, it can lose its ability to adhere well; each time you remove it reduces its lifespan.
In addition, after a period of about 6 months, the adhesive loses its removable property and therefore becomes a little more permanent. This will not prevent you from removing it from a floor, but the sticker could tear during the maneuver and then could no longer be applied elsewhere.

Q: I can't find the size I'm looking for among the choices on your website for vinyl floor stickers, is it possible to have a custom size?
A: For vinyl floor stickers we do not offer any other sizes than those available on the website at the moment.

Q: When can I expect to receive my vinyl floor stickers order?
A: Our floor stickers are produced in 4 to 5 working days and delivered in an additional 1-2 days.


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