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Custom Checks

Do you need personalized checks for your business? We have everything you need no matter what accounting software you use!

Do not let your financial institution empty your bank account to stock up on checks for your business. We offer all styles of checks for a company with the same suppliers recognized and accepted by the big banks, but at a much more affordable price.

Although the digital age is very well developed for payment solutions, printed checks still have their place in today’s modern economy and have a real importance in today's business world, because they can offer you more security on the control of your data and identity theft, especially for transactions involving large sums of money.

You can choose from our basic in stock models on which you can add your logo and coordinates which represents a more budget friendly option. Just choose your background color from our models and your options of 1 or 2 perforations to easily detach the checks, as well as your numbering sequence.

OR we can print a 100% customized visual for you as well if you have a little more to spend and you will be

You can opt for a regular paper choice or our famous secured check paper for added protection. Our already pre-printed models are only available on the regular non-secure paper.


Price Example

Pricing for Custom checks Size 8.5x11 inches printed 2/1 PMS with 2 perforations included and numbering inluded

Regular 48m Bond Paper
Quantity Printing Delivery
250 338.78 $ 21.71 $
500 373.14 $ 29.57 $
1000 446.79 $ 37.43 $
2000 584.60 $ 45.29 $
50m Bond Securitek Paper
Quantity Printing Delivery
250 355.14 $ 21.71 $
500 400.97 $ 29.57 $
1000 494.26 $ 37.43 $
2000 707.02 $ 45.29 $

Popular Use for Custom Checks

  • Have all your contact details on your checks
  • Stand out from the crowd with a different visual than standard checks
  • Transfer funds securely and economically
  • And more…

Technical Specifications for Custom Checks

 Stock: 48M Bond Regular Paper OR 50M Securitek Paper
Printing: 2 PMS color printed on one side (black + 1 PMS of your choice) AND black ink only on the back + black magnetic ink on the front for the bank info and MICR code
Available sizes: 8.5x11 inches.
Minimum quantity: Starting at just 250 copies
Standard production delay : 7 to 10 open days of production + 1-2 days for Shipping
Finishing options : 3-digit red numbering plus your choice of 1 or 2 perforation lines included

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I prepare my file for printing personalized checks?
A: Refer to our check template on our web site to see if your file is properly prepared OR email your file to and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Q: When can I expect to receive my personalized check order?
A: Our personalized checks are produced in 7 to 10 opens days and shipped in 1 additional day.

Q: What other products are good supplements to personalized checks?
A: #10 envelopes with windows are a product that usually goes well with personalized checks since you can just fold the checks in the envelope and mail them out. Deposit stamps can also be very useful.


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