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Business Cards

A business card for everyone!

Although we offer a wide choice of finishes among our business card products, knowing which one’s best for you is easier than you think. Here is a brief description of the different business card finishes we offer and the characteristics of each one.

Each of our business card finishes is part of one of these 4 main categories :

- Business cards without lamination
- Laminated Business cards (the best seller)
- Uncoated Business cards (ideal if you need to write on them)
- Luxury business cards

Business cards without lamination
This is where you will find the standard finish, ideal for mass distribution and the best value for your money.

Choice of paper

  • 14 pts C2S stock: a glossy finish that fits all budgets and will make your photos and images standout; Thickness of 14 pts, it is the best choice for your budget.
  • 14 pts matte finish: a matte finish that offers a smooth finish with fewer reflections and comes with a selective UV varnish option that offers a full contrast; thickness of 14 pts.
  • 16 pts C2S stock: a glossy finish that suits all looks and will bring out your photos and images; 16 pts thick, a bit more expensive but thicker than the other options.
  • 16 pts cardboard with UV varnish: an ultra-shiny finish that will make you stand out; 16 pts thick; it is the most expensive but also the thickest and the most brilliant finish of business cards without lamination.


Business cards with lamination
This is where you will find a superior finish for your cards and our best seller, the famous business card with matte lamination. All cards in this section have a lamination that adds body and rigidity to your cards, as well as protection against water and moisture. It's the perfect choice for your business cards, salespeople and employees.

Choice of paper

  • 16 pts board with matte lamination: by far the best seller of all our business cards with a thickness of 16 pts and a matte lamination on 1 or 2 sides to choose from; it's the best look and the most popular product on the market. In addition, it is affordable, budget side. You can also include options like adding a silver metallic ink (PMS877) or selective ultra-gloss UV varnish over the lamination to create a stunning contrast and look.
  • 16 pts cardboard with glossy lamination: a card with a thickness of 16 pts and a lamination lamination on 1 or 2 sides to choose.
  • 16 pts cardboard with velvet lamination: a card with a thickness of 16 pts and a velvet lamination with a mast finish on both sides; you will stimulate the tactile sense of your customers with this business card touch as soft as a satin blanket. Comes with the option of adding a high gloss (UV) selective varnish.

Business cards that allow you to write on them
Here you will find the perfect business cards for your appointment cards, your loyalty cards or if you want to put some information, written or stamped. They are all made of a cardboard finish in the raw state without varnish which allows you to write with a pencil at the mine, a pen or stamp with a stamp on the map.

Choice of paper

  • 1 side coated cardboard: one glossy finish on 1 side and 1 rough finish on the other, this is the most common card for rendezvous or loyalty cards with a thickness of 14 pts or 18 pts; the 14 pts option remains the best for your budget in the section of business cards you want to write on.
  • Recycled 13-pc. Cardboard: Made in Canada from 100% recycled materials and 13 pts thick, it has a more coarse finish and a less pronounced whiteness, but it's the perfect ecological choice.
  • Uncoated 14pts cardboard : Ideal if you have to write on both sides of your business cards, 14 pts thick and natural white, these cards offer you a product with a different look.
  • 18-pc. Kraft paperboard: Ideal to stand out from the crowd, this 18-pound, natural-brown, 18-pound, recycled-paper board offers a rustic, old-fashioned look that will stand out from the crowd. by allowing you to write on both sides of your business cards as needed.

Luxury business cards

Do you have a special idea or a different project in mind? You really want to stand out and the budget will not hold you back?

You are in the right place here with thick business cards ranging from 14, 16, 22, 28, 32 and even 65 points thick. Wood business cards would that tell you ? We have this here.

We also have choices of gloss lamination or mast or velvet finish that come with multiple options like:

- Hot Stamping on your business cards (raised or non-raised available)
- Selective UV Coating on your business cards (raised or non-raised available)
- Colored Contoured on the outline of your business cards
- Regular die cutting on your business cards
- A mixture of all these options is also possible.


Price Example

Pricing for business cards size 2x3.5 inches printed in full color on both sides (4/4 CMYK)

14 Pts C2S Stock + Gloss AQ
Quantité Impression Livraison
250 31.11 $ 13.85 $
500 35.35 $ 13.85 $
750 41.19 $ 13.85 $
1000 47.11 $ 13.85 $
16 pts C2S Stock + matte lamination both sides
Quantité Impression Livraison
25 - -
50 - -
75 - -
100 - -

Popular Use for Business Cards

  • Your presentation or business card
  • Loyalty cards for your customers
  • Discount card for your promotions
  • And more…

Technical Specifications for Business Cards

  • Support: 14 pts C2S / 16 pts C2S / 13 PTS Recycled Stock / 14 PTS C1S / 18 PTS C1S / Brown Kraft recycled 18 PTS / 14 PTS uncoated
  • Finish: Gloss or satin AQ, matte lamination, gloss lamination, velvet lamination, uncoated finish
  • Printing: Full color on one side (4/0 CMYK) or full color on both sides (4/4 CMYK)
  • Available Sizes: 2x3.5 in / 1.5x3.5 in / 1.75 x 3.5 in. / 2x3 in
  • Minimum quantity: Starting at just 250 copies
  • Standard production turnaround: 5 to 7 days of production + 1-2 days shipping
  • Finishing Options: Selective UV varnish front only or front and back, Full size UV Coating, Hot-Stamping, Die-Cutting, Foil printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find out if my deluxe business card file with several options like stamping, selective varnish and colored slice is fitted?
A: Refer to our technical specifications section for preparing your files. You can also contact a member of our team who will be happy to help you.

Q: When can I expect to receive my business card order?
A: Luxury business card orders take longer than other cards and are usually produced in 10 to 15 business days which includes time for all finishing steps. The most popular finishes like the 14 glossy pts and the matte lamination cards are ready in 4 to 5 business days plus 1-2 days for delivery and the less popular finish cards are ready between 5 to 7 business days.

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