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Blueprints and Engineering Prints

For all your printing needs of architectural plans, landscaping designs, line drawings or any other types of Blueprints, make your choice between our two delivery options of regular or fast rush turnaround.

You can also choose between picking up your blueprints order at our offices or letting us shipped them straight to your offices. We can also scan your paper blueprints if you don't have the print file version of them.

Everything for your busy schedule!

In this world where everything is changing so quickly, you certainly need a fast and reliable partner to deliver your projects on time. 

Whether you are a general contractor or construction entrepreneur who must submit his blueprints for approval to the planning department of your municipality or to your  foreman on the job site, or whether you are an interior designer who wants to display your plans and layouts or if you are an architect or an engineer who must present blueprints to his clients, we are here to simplify your life with our black and white or color blueprints printing services that will meet your agenda.


Price Example

Pricing is for a 24x36 inch blueprint printed black and White on one side on 20lbs uncoated white paper and does not include shipping fees

Fast 24hours or less RUSH service
Quantity Printing Delivery
1 2.98 $ -
2 5.96 $ -
3 8.94 $ -
4 11.92 $ -
Black and White printing - regular turnaround
Quantity Printing Delivery
1 2.69 $ -
2 5.37 $ -
3 8.06 $ -
4 10.75 $ -

Popular Use for Blueprints and Engineering Prints

To supply blueprint to the planning department of your municipality for approval
For interior decorators to showcase the layout they planned to their customers
For the foreman on the job site
For architects and engineers for their quotes and approved jobs
and much more

Technical Specifications for Blueprints and Engineering Prints

    • Support : 20lbs Uncoated white paper, 28lbs uncoated white paper, 4mil transparent clear mica
    • Printing : Black & White on one side (1/0) or full color on one side (4/0 CMYK)
    • Available Sizes : 
      • Blueprints Size 18 x 24 in
      • Blueprints Size 24 x 36 in
      • Blueprints Size 36 x 48 in
      • Custom Size Blueprints also available
    • Minimum Quantity: Starting at just 1 copie
    • Standard production turnaround : 3-4 open days of production + 1-2 days shipping for our regular service OR 24h or less including same day delivery option
    • Finishing Options : Rolled up in to a tube, stapling and folding

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I don't have my blueprint in a file but only a physical paper copy of it, can I still get some more copies of it ?
A: You can send us your printed blueprint at our Laval offices, and we will be able to scan it and then print it with our advanced equipment. You will also then be able to obtain the PDF file resulting from the scanning of your blueprint.

Q: Can I have my engineering prints order delivered to my offices and get it the same day?
A: Yes; all orders for engineering prints made before 11 am can be delivered before 5 pm on the same day for the greater Laval region, including Montreal, Laval and the North Shore of Montreal.


Q: Can I pick up my blueprints order at your office to get it faster?
A: Yes; blueprints are one of the rare products for which we offer pickup service at our Laval offices and for which you can come directly to our offices to pick up. However, make sure you get the confirmation email that your order is ready ofr pickup before coming.

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